"I love Troupers because we do really good games and the leaders are funny and kind!" Ella, 12, Leeds

"Troupers is... fun, exciting, educational, quirky, entertaining and great!" Emma, 14, London

"Thank you sooooo much! I had such fun! I loved it when we acted out a scene. I will try to join Troupers and you should carry on what you do because you’re great at it!" Phoebe, 11, London

"Thank you very much for coming in. I had a fabulous time. It was fun to see how by one person standing in one pose you could create a whole scene." Hero, 11, London

"It was really fun and all of my friends enjoyed it." Georgia

"Thank you so much for coming and teaching us about drama. My favourite part was making the dragon. I started the tail and when we were all in place it looked real! I didn’t think we could make so many shapes with just our bodies." Raphael

"Thank you for coming and giving us a Troupers experience. I really enjoyed making scenes like the playground and the ship. I am asking my Mum to join!" Rachel (the shark from the ship scene)

"My favourite part was when we did the playground scene and then made it come to life. I didn’t want it to end!" Holly


"With just a few props the children attending the course produced a short play in June, expertly acted and directed. Troupers is excellent." Mandy, Parent, London

"Just wanted to say that Nima had a FABULOUS time on the Storybox course today. He loved it." Sarah

"When can William do it again?? He loved it!" Jane


"Thanks for the drama session, the kids loved it and keep asking to play dude again!" Jane Boothroyd, Rosendale

"The workshop on Thursday afternoon was awesome and received fabulous feedback from the children. I asked them who enjoyed it... and all hands went up. I asked who would like to attend a workshop similar to this after school... and all hands went up! Many thanks for a wonderful workshop! Really excited that children at St. Mary's are going to be able to take part in this kind of work." Cheryl Payne, Deputy Head, St Mary’s Primary School, Putney


"Working with Troupers on developing Storybox has been a real joy: they’re professional, committed and always full of ideas, and they’ve helped us create a workshop model that has consistently inspired and delighted our young audiences." Carrie Rhys Davies, Tobacco Factory Theatre

"We were thrilled to have Troupers with us at our recent Gala event at the Young Vic. They offered a great range of inventive and inspiring theatre games to entertain the young people attending. They were fantastic at including everyone and integrating different age ranges and abilities. The children all had great fun and lots of the adults thought it looked so good they joined in too!" Rebecca Cahill, Development Manager, Young Vic Theatre

"The work was a self-devised story which showed great imagination in its invention, skill in its execution and enthusiasm and sensitivity in its presentation. It was a delight to see young people with such sense of self-confidence, enjoyment and ownership of their work." John Hartoch, Head of Acting Courses, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School